February 2018

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February 2018

TD&T Redesign

The much anticipated Theatre Design & Technology redesign will be published this Friday. TD&T Editor Eileen Curley with Art Director Janelle Welch, Managing Editor Angela Hickman, and the rest of the TD&T editorial board are excited to release this fresh look for a publication steeped in USITT history.

“We wanted a sleek, modern cover that clearly communicates what we do at a single glance,” Eileen said. “USITT’s past is important and cherished, but we also felt a need to update the look of the issues to adjust to recent trends in media consumption and design.”

A small tweak to the publication’s front cover hopes to convey what the publication has to offer.

“We decided to use the spelled-out title to help us branch out to new readers more effectively and communicate our content quickly,” Eileen said.

Simplicity, clean design, and a clear positioning were at the forefront when creating the new look.

“It has been significantly altered to better reflect how we engage with media now online and in print,” Eileen said.

TD&T's layout has gone through many iterations over the years with the last design change happening in 2011. Changes have been made to the publication every five to seven years since the early ‘90s.

Eileen urged anyone who has not walked down memory lane to surf through the TD&T archive and take in the wide range of past covers.

“It’s a great trip through USITT’s history and advances in print media,” Eileen said.

The redesign of TD&T and preserving its history has been a labor of love and a joint effort between different groups in the organization.

“The Editorial Board, the Publications Committee, and the USITT main office staff provided feedback throughout the whole redesign process,” Eileen said. “We asked for quite a lot in this process, and Janelle Welch, Art Director; and Angela Hickman, Managing Editor were able to deliver a new vision for TD&T that allows the visual and textual work of our contributors to stand out on crisp, clean pages.”

Look for the Winter 2018 issue of the brand new TD&T on Feb. 9.

“I'm thrilled that everyone will soon be able to see the gorgeous new design,” Eileen said.