November 2011

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November 2011

News & Notices

Member Benefits: Savings on Conference Transportation

One of the great challenges for any Annual Conference & Stage Expo attendee is getting to the Conference site. From the classic road trip to navigating airports, the conference experience for most people begins with a trek. In recognition of that trek, USITT has worked to arrange discounts for members every step of the way.

United Airlines is the official air carrier of USITT’s 52nd Annual Conference & Stage Expo. As one of the dominant carriers into Los Angeles International and Orange County airports, United has schedules that can help get people from almost anywhere to the Conference. Use meeting code 588HO to receive a discount on roundtrip travel with United.

Once in the greater LA area, Super Shuttle can get you to Long Beach quickly and with a member discount. This discount, which is good year round anywhere Super Shuttle operates, is 10 percent off a round trip booking. Click here to go to Super Shuttle’s page and the discount code will already be populated. If you go to their website directly or use a travel professional, the discount code is PJP46.

Conference hotels in Long Beach give the lowest rate offered at the closest properties. All contracts guarantee that USITT members receive the lowest rate for the time they are staying. If there is a lower rate at these hotels, let the Staff know and they will work to get that rate honored for all members. It is part of the guarantee to members.

USITT’s members are the strength and backbone of the organization. By working to help get people to Long Beach, the conference will be a great success.