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Projects for Teaching Costume Design, Technology

Judy Adamson
Costume Design & Technology Commission

Fall is a perfect time to think about ideas which could be incorporated into a continuing USITT program. Projects for Teaching Costume Design and Technology has been an on-going project of the Costume Commission for over 10 years. Volume 1, published in 1998 and edited by Pat Martin, inspired everyone from the instructor entering the profession to the experienced teacher looking for a new approach. USITT Costume Design & Technology Commission continues to solicit ideas for Volume 2.

Contribute to the project by sharing projects that have been successful in the classroom. It is easy to submit a project. A project submission form is on the Costume Design & Technology Commission web page. Under Commission News, a link will lead to a pdf form that can be submitted electronically or printed and mailed. If encountering difficulty, or not receiving an acknowledgment of submission, contact Judy Adamson directly.

In addition to soliciting submissions, the editors are seeking educators willing to try the projects in their classrooms and provide feedback. To see a list of the submissions to date in "teaser" form, e-mail: Those interested in trying one of the projects will receive the complete submission.

The membership of the Costume Design & Technology Commission represents diverse teaching challenges including educating those interested in becoming teachers as well as those who will follow professional careers. Commission members work with those of with all levels of interest and talent. Feedback will be instrumental in providing levels of approach in the final publication.

To assist, contact one of the editors: Judy Adamson, CB# 3230, Center for Dramatic Art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3230; or Martha Marking, Department of Theatre and Dance, Appalachian State University, 480 Howard Street, Boone, NC;

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