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Exhibitor programs enhance the offerings at each USITT Annual Conference. At left, Christopher Lyons of Shure Inc. was the presenter for wireless Microphones, White Spaces, and Spectrum Changes at the 2009 Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

Stage Expo 2010 Exhibitors Plan Programs

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

In addition to exhibiting at Stage Expo, several companies sponsor programs at the Conference. Here are brief descriptions of some of the sessions which will be presented by exhibitors in Kansas City.

Designing with Color & Gobos: Where do I begin?
Sponsored by Apollo Design Technology
Like an artist staring at a blank canvas or a writer at a blank page, lighting designers face the same challenge. Selecting the appropriate colors and patterns to best complement the story, theme, or environment can be daunting. Join this panel discussion on how and when to effectively use these tools together to create memorable designs.

Make-up for Cirque du Soleil
Sponsored by Cirque du Soleil
Make-up and costumes are the gateway through which an artist slips into the skin of their character, like a magical wand that takes away all inhibitions. Since artists must do their own make-up before every show, Cirque du Soleil make-up artists are often called upon to play the role of a teacher. Join in a glimpse behind the scenes at this impressive universe of creativity and originality, and learn how artists create the designs and teach the applications that reflect the spirit of the characters.

So You Think You Know Everything about Top Hats
Sponsored by City Theatrical
Top hats are just one of the many beam shaping accessories used on lighting fixtures. This session will discuss the effects of top hats, flocking, concentric rings, egg crate louvers, donuts, and other accessories. Real world applications of these accessories will be discussed and how they affect the beams shown.

Automated Rigging - Safety, Inspection, Maintenance
Sponsored by JR Clancy
As more automated rigging is installed in theatres, users will need to develop the skills to inspect and maintain the equipment. Motorized equipment has to be actively inspected and regular maintenance performed. Users will also need to learn a new approach to operation for backstage safety.

Making Your Way to Broadway
Sponsored by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
This panel discussion will include representatives from the Broadway League and IATSE, labor relations, company manager, general manager, etc.

Wireless DMX and Dimming in Practice – Case Studies
Sponsored by RC4 Wireless Dimming
Wireless Dimming and Wireless DMX -- what it is, how it works, tips and tricks, and pitfalls and safety concerns. A panel discussion with guest speakers will explain how they use Wireless DMX and Dimming.

100 Years of Color in Stage Lighting
Sponsored by Rosco
The first mass-produced color filter, Roscogel, was introduced in 1910. Now, 100 years later, we're coloring stage light with plastic, LEDs, dichroics, and emerging technologies. This session looks back at the history and looks forward to the implications for lighting designers.

Fabric and Theatre Throughout the Ages
Sponsored by Rose Brand
This session will focus on changes and advancements relating to fabric and other items used for theatrical purposes. Topics covered will include changes in topical flame treatment; the development of inherently flame retardant fabrics and how this can affect painting techniques; the incorporation of digitally printed surfaces; and changes in projection surfaces.

Stump the Rigger
Sponsored by Sapsis Rigging & Entertainment Services
This session is a perennial USITT favorite. A panel of industry experts invites you to take pot shots at them. Bring your best (and worst) questions and try to stump these guys. Who knows? You could win a prize.

Integrating Show Systems Without Resorting to a Sledgehammer
Sponsored by Stage Research
With so many systems that need to be integrated for a successful show, Stage Research will explore some of the possible tools and devices used to coerce unlikely systems into proper etiquette for communication. Not for the faint of heart.

Gaslights to LED
Sponsored by Walt Disney Entertainment
Join a historical journey through the evolution of key technologies behind the secrets of the live Disney show. See how the development of pyrotechnics, automation, audio animatronics, and standard lighting/stage effects has kept the Disney show unique for 50-plus years. Visit the facilities live via video conference and talk directly with the people who make the magic happen.

Debunking the Nicopress
Sponsored by ZFX
This session will address the myths and misconceptions surrounding Nicopress cable swaging. Many points will not only be discussed, but put to the test in the Destructive Test Machine. The different styles and applications of cable terminations will be compared. Part presentation, part audience participation, part discussion, with plenty of room for greenhorns and old salts alike.

Please plan to join us in Kansas City March 31 to April 3, 2010 for these and many other sessions.

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