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The Costume Design & Technology Commission’s session featuring poster presentations by members is extremely popular at each USITT Annual Conference. At left, one of the displays at the 2009 Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Photo/Casey Kearns

Seek Costume Posters for 2010 Conference

Donna Meester
Costume Design & Technology Commission

Calling all costume designers and technicians! When planning designs and construction techniques for fall productions, don’t forget about the opportunity to share innovations with peers.

Those unfamiliar with the Costume Poster Session are in for a treat. This is a time when costume designers and technicians share information that is probably not well-known or perhaps of their own invention with colleagues. This includes, but is not limited to a new solution to an old problem, a new problem and its solution, a classroom or management technique, the results of research, or other ideas, discoveries, or developments in the field of costuming.

Poster presentations are widely accepted as meeting the requirements for scholarly publication. Those who work for an educational institution might be able to get the school to fund some or all expenses to the Kansas City 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Poster presenters also may have the opportunity to publish their ideas in TD&T.

All submissions will be juried by the Costume Poster Selection Committee. Ideas need to be presented in the form of an abstract – a brief, concise summary of the information to be presented in the poster, no more than 200 words typewritten. Mail, e-mail, or FAX the abstract by November 16 to Donna Meester. The early deadline is in response to requests from those who need to know if a proposal has been accepted in order to receive funding. Applicants will be notified by early December. Only the abstract is due by this date. The actual presentation and handout information are not due until March 22.

Ways to archive the presentations are being explored. As a result, there are several guidelines to be followed. Presenters will be sent a list of guidelines when they are notified of acceptance. All presenters must submit a copy of their presentation and handouts electronically by March 22.

For questions or additional information, contact: Donna Meester, The University of Alabama, Box 870239, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487; phone 205-348-9032; fax 205-348-9048; e-mail

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