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Rose Brand Receives Commuter Award 

For the second year in a row, the State of New Jersey has awarded Rose Brand, the industry leader in theatrical custom sewing and supplies, the top honor for providing excellent commuting solutions for their employees. The Platinum Award was presented by the New Jersey Commissioner of Transportation, Stephen Dilts, in a May 7 ceremony at the New Jersey Institute of Technology campus in Newark, New Jersey.

New Jersey Smart Workplaces (NJSW) recognizes and honors organizations and individuals who help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by providing commuter benefits to employees as well as raise awareness of the carbon load created by the various commuting options. The program is a voluntary partnership of participating employers, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), NJ TRANSIT, and the state's Transportation Management Association (TMA) coordinated in the region by Meadowlink Commuter Services.

Rose Brand moved to Secaucus, New Jersey in January 2007 after many decades in New York City.

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App Allows iPhones to Control Lighting 

Lighting technicians and programmers love their iPhones – and they want to use them everywhere! ETC has answered the call by allowing them to turn their Apple handhelds into miniature lighting-controllers. ETC has released its iRFR (Radio Focus Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch), while donating all the proceeds to industry-aid organizations Behind the Scenes and Light Relief.

The iRFR will offer all the functionality of an ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote unit, interfacing to ETC’s Eos, Ion, Element, Congo, and Congo Jr lighting control desks. The iRFR is supported in the current Congo software release, and will be supported in the upcoming Eos release for Eos and Ion, and in Element when it is released this summer.

There are two versions of the iRFR application. Purchase of the iRFR – BTS is in support of Behind the Scenes, while the iRFR – LR supports Light Relief. Download the apps here.

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J.R. Clancy Achieves ISO Recertification 

J. R. Clancy Inc. recently was recertified for the new ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standard. Clancy is the only rigging company in the American technical theatre industry to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification.

ISO 9001:2008 is the fourth edition of the standard, which underwent a complete revision in 2000 to emphasize the customer, moving beyond the factory floor and into every point at which a company connects with its customers. The 2008 revision promotes an even greater emphasis on meeting customer requirements, both at the time of product delivery and throughout the product’s life, all while reducing costs through efficiencies for the company as well as the customer.

J. R. Clancy was a four-star sponsor of the 33rd annual League of Historic American Theatres (LHAT) conference in Cleveland, Ohio, July 15 to 18. Hosted this year by PlayhouseSquare in Cleveland’s downtown theatre district, the LHAT conference places historic theatres and their renovations in the spotlight including the Hanna Theatre, the permanent home of the Great Lakes Theatre Festival (GLTF). For this recently completed renovation project, J. R. Clancy supplied 48 PowerLift automated rigging linesets, a SceneControl 500 motion control system, a handheld portable pendant for remote control of the PowerLifts, and three hydraulic lifts for the unique thrust stage configuration.

For additional information, contact J. R. Clancy at 800-836-1885 or

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New Patterns Offered 

GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. has introduced five new patterns to its collection. They include Kwanzaa, Party Cake, Fence Breakup, Airplane, and Pinwheel Breakup.

For information or to order, visit

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Lighting Office Expands to New Space 

The Cleveland headquarters of Vincent Lighting Systems has expanded to a new location. The company has moved into a 25,000 square foot office located at 6161 Cochran Rd., Ste D, Solon, OH 44139, with easy access from the highway and ample parking.

Phone and fax numbers remain the same at 216-475-7600 and 216-475-6376, respectively. Also unaffected are the Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Detroit branches. For complete information, log onto

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Scenic Technologies Relishes Circus Challenge 

PRG’s Scenic Technologies group was particularly excited to have the chance to join The Circus Starring Britney Spears. The European leg of the world tour, which began at the O2 Arena in London, was the debut of the overhead automation system and two flying scenic elements. PRG received the request to engineer and build the system approximately four weeks before installation. The design concept presented a challenge that the PRG engineers found impossible to resist.

PRG Scenic Technologies has over 20 years’ experience engineering automation for the theatrical market, corporate events, and themed environments. For more information on PRG Scenic Technologies, please visit

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New Website, New Look 

Theatre Projects Consultants, which helps create extraordinary performance spaces throughout the world, has revamped its website. The site not only has a new look, but simplifies navigation, improves searches, and makes it easier to find related information. There also is a new resources section which provides information on the theatre and architecture industries.

To experience it personally, visit

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