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Officers Visit

A delightful time was had when several USITT officers and members of the Transition Advisory Team subcommittees visited Syracuse, New York in late June. Several of these dedicated volunteers who are working on the tasks of restructuring the organization to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century were able to take a break and enjoy dinner with staff members.

President Carl Lefko lead the group on a visit to Asti Café. There the sprit of Syracuse’s Little Italy neighborhood was extremely evident in the menu selections and decor.

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Costume Symposium Sells Out

The 2009 USITT Costume Symposium "Creating Creatures with Foam and Varaform" is scheduled for August 6 to 8 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and is already sold out.

Expect a full report in a future issue of Sightlines covering all three days of information and instruction from this exciting event.

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