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Save on Training on Rigging, Hoist, Fall Protection and more

Michelle L. Smith
Membership & Ad Sales Manager

Rigging Seminars
Get $50 off the regular registration rate. For more information or to register, call 888-248-8491 or visit


Sapsis Rigging Entertainment Services, Inc.
Save $75 off the regular price for hosting a day-long seminar (member negotiates the contract and provides the facility). For more information or to arrange a seminar call 800-727-7471, e-mail, or visit


TOMCAT Workshops
Get $75 off the regular price for TOMCAT USA workshops in hoist, rigging, truss, and fall protection (Texas location only). For more information, contact Lisa Jebsen at 432-694-7070 or e-mail; or visit


Click here for a complete list of member discounts. For instructions on accessing a discount, select the item of interest and enter user name (USITT member number) and password (last name) at the prompt.

If you have questions or suggestions for a new benefit, contact Membership & Ad Sales Manager Michelle L. Smith at 800-938-7488 ext. 102 or


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