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Changes at Texas Scenic

Glenn C. Martin III, president of Texas Scenic Company, announced the second phase of an ownership change within the company.

Five years ago, the company begin transferring ownership to its employees with the sale of the family’s stock to the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Effective October 3, Mr. Martin’s shares were purchased and transferred to the ESOP. The company has been managed by an executive management committee for the last five years. They have over 150 years collective experience within the industry.

Mr. Martin, president of Texas Scenic Company for the last 30 years, said, “For over 70 years, the goals of my grandparents and parents were to establish an environment for growth, success, and excellence in our company and our employees’ lives. This transition is the next step in fulfilling my family’s dreams.”

The company, established in 1936, is a stage equipment contractor and systems integrator. TSC designs, manufactures, and installs stage, studio, and theatrical equipment for educational, entertainment and broadcast facilities throughout the country.

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Paradigm System Wins Award

At LDI 2008, ETC’s new Unison Paradigm lighting control system was named Best Debuting Product, sharing the coveted title with Nila lights. Paradigm took surprise top-awards billing as a system that fully integrates the art and pragmatism of sophisticated building-wide lighting control and the aesthetic and green-minded solutions it provides for all kinds of lighting venues.

To learn more about the award-winning new Paradigm system, go to

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Gains U.S. Patent for Wireless DMX

City Theatrical, a world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of wireless DMX, has been granted Patent number 7,432,803 for its wireless technology.

Wireless DMX is used in entertainment technology to control a wide variety of electronic devices including moving lights, dimmers, fog machines, and color changers without the need for running data cables. City Theatrical’s wireless DMX is similar in concept to a home or business WiFi system, but uses a much more robust and powerful radio transport method to ensure reliability of mission critical systems.

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Launches New, Improved Webite

Simpler navigation, accessible product information, and plenty of expert guidance and reference material is what visitors to J. R. Clancy, Inc.’s new website,, will discover.

The new website brings important information about rigging design, products, installation, operation, and safety to the top of the site’s navigation. The new format makes it easy for architects, dealers, theatre consultants, and end-users to find the information they need to make informed choices as they plan rigging for performance spaces of every size.

In addition to an upgraded Products section, the new site features links to magazine articles about products, services, and safety as well as information from Clancy’s dealer partners across the country. Visitors will find a comprehensive glossary of stage and rigging terms, an instructional guide to system design, and drawings and technical articles to help guide architects and theatre consultants. An Installation section provides the guidance dealers and installers need to be sure the rigging is installed correctly.

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PRG Highlights New Products

Production Resource Group, LLC, (PRG) offered exciting new products at LDI 2008, including the Bad Boy hybrid luminaire; the V676 lighting control console; and the Mbox EXtreme v3 media server. The products are networked on PRG’s proprietary Series 400 Power and Data Distribution System. Also introduced was the Nila Lighting System, a rugged and easily configurable solid state lighting solution for television and film applications exclusively distributed by PRG.

For more information on PRG, visit

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Creative Adds Cat5E, CMG Certified

Creative Stage Lighting has added Cat5E cable to its Dura-Flex brand of Entertainment Industry cables. Dura-Flex Cat5E brings the same properties as the rest of the Dura-Flex cable line to ethernet, including Dura-Flex strength, ease of use, and environmental responsibility through RoHS certification. It’s manufactured to withstand rigorous conditions that come with continuous performances. It is available in bulk and various cableset lengths with standard RJ45 connectors and Neutrik EtherCon connectors.

Dura-Flex DMX, Microphone, and Control Cable also has been CMG designated, making it suitable for in-wall installations and general use within buildings in accordance with Section 800.154 (E)(1) of the NEC.

More information about Dura-Flex cable can be found at

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