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Niles Sayre, left, presented the first USITT Lighting Design Award for undergraduate students to John Jacobsen during the 2007 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Jacobsen studied at Pennsylvania State University.

Photo/Casey Kearns


2008 Young Designer
Award Process to Open

Those wishing to be considered for USITT's Awards for Young Designers & Technicians in the Performing Arts may apply beginning in early October.

In 2006, USITT debuted an online application process which allowed the transfer of information, portfolios and materials electronically. Because of the success of that process, the 2007 application procedure has been further streamlined and remains electronic. The expectation is that nominators and applications will find the process to be even easier.

USITT's Awards for Young Designers & Technicians in the Performing Arts provide a monetary prize and recognition to ten young talented professionals each year. This level of commitment is made possible by the financial support of the program's sponsors including KM Fabrics, Inc., Robert E. Cohen, Barbizon Lighting Company, Rose Brand Theatrical Fabrics, Fabrications, and Supplies; Zelma H. Weisfeld, Bernhard R. Works, Kryolan, Clear-Com Intercom Systems, Stage Technology, and Stage Decoration and Supplies, Inc.

Beginning October 5, award nominees can submit applications through the USITT website. Each submission will require an entry fee and specific materials which may include photographs, paperwork, drawings, and renderings. All nominees and nominators must be current USITT members. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit for more information.

The program is highlighted in brochures mailed to all current USITT organizational and student members to encourage interest in this great opportunity for students to receive recognition and financial support.

Students are encouraged to join USITT now in order to ensure eligibility for submission. All registrations must be received by 12 p.m. on November 12, 2007. The deadline for submissions is November 19.

Awards will be presented at USITT's 2008 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Houston, Texas.

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