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Health & Safety --
No Longer "Secret"

Nate Otto
Health & Safety Commissioner

Why is it so many people still think that Health & Safety is a little secret that only a few people know? Do you find yourself asking questions like: "Where do I find new information about Health & Safety?" or "Who do I turn to when I need to talk to someone about a specific problem?" Do you wish you could have a general resource for most or even all of these questions? So do we! It is time to create something to help organize this information in a useful manner and point people to the correct answers about Health & Safety.

The Health & Safety Commission would like to change the "secret" into a knowledge tree of Health & Safety by creating a working, comprehensive web resource for everyone in the theatre and entertainment industry. To establish such a resource, the Health & Safety Commission needs members of USITT to provide this information. Those who work in theatre and deal with health and safety problems all the time may have resource lists. The Commission would like to combine the lists into a complete, all-inclusive record.

The Health & Safety Commission has created an easy, PDF form to help structure these resources for easy access. Fill out this form and send it to Nate Otto, Commissioner of Health & Safety at Commission members will compile and collate all this information and make it public as part of the Commission's web site. Examples of resources include web links, Books, DVDs, or videos.

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