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Debra Krajec
Traveling Sessions Project Chair

Ever needed a costume-related program for a regional section event and been unsure where to turn? The Costume Design & Technology Commission has a Traveling Sessions Project that may be able to fill a need at a specific institution or for a region.

There are 21 different presentations or workshops that members of the Costume Commission are willing to present around the United States and Canada. The presenters and Commission leadership hope that such presentations by members will continue the work of the Costume Design & Technology Commission beyond the Annual Conferences and symposia.

Many of these sessions have been presented at the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo in recent years, some have been offered at the regional level, and others are new to the membership. Each session has its own particular set of goals and requirements for maximum attendance, skill level of participants, space, equipment requirements, and budget.

The list of traveling sessions includes:

Tambour Beading Workshop
Victorian Straw Bonnets Workshop (one or two days)
Kimonos Unwrapped/Undressing the Shogun
Kimono Construction Master Class
Corset in a Day
Wire Frame Hats and Headpieces
Pattern and Construction Techniques for Elizabethan Menswear and Ruffs
Costume Technology Portfolio Reviews
Wireless Microphones and Costumes
Flat Patterning -- Sloper Fitting
Sloper to Period Style: Seeing Lines and Proportion
Tailoring 19th Century Period Men's Coats with Contemporary Suits
Master class in Rendering the Costume Figure
Stage Makeup: The Actor's & Designer's Tool
Elizabethan Corset 101
Big Costumes, Small Budget
Costume Design Portfolio Reviews
Historical Undergarments: Historical Accuracy vs. Theatrical Reality
The Corset and the Modern Body
The Principles of Tailoring -- de-mystifying the tailor's process

The Traveling Sessions Project has been in place for over three years, but very few people have taken advantage of it. The Commission would like that to change! Many of these sessions would be valuable to offer undergrad or grad students, or as sessions for regional Costume Society of America symposia, for KCACTF regional festivals, and High School Theatre Festivals.

For more information, and details of each session offered, see the USITT Costume Design & Technology Commission webpage

Individuals or organizations seeking more information on booking any of these traveling sessions or more information about the presenter, references, or the costs involved, should contact the presenter directly.

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