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A 3-D assembled piece and its fully lit and shadowed painted mate create a visual puzzle for viewers. Learn more about the techniques used to create the effect at a Professional Development Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky.

Photos/Courtesy Karen Maness

Light and Shadow in Louisville Workshop

Karen Maness
VC-Scene Painting

Finally! A Professional Development Workshop (PDW) that addresses the much desired understanding of correct placement of lights and shadows to render dimension and fool audience members' eyes. Think of all those times when the design called for flat, painted dimension. If only you had felt comfortable enough to know where to put those lights and shadows!

Now that is possible at Light and Shadow: reaching an understanding of ornamental detail through drawing, offered on Tuesday, March 28 in Louisville.

In a step-by-step, hands-on session, Lance Brockman and Rachel Keebler will guide you through a series of fundamental exercises that quickly transform into advanced placement of lights and shadows on complex ornament. Using both classic and unique lesson techniques, the session will utilize dimensional forms and large scale ornamental sculptures under light. Many beautiful examples of drawn and painted ornament will help inspire participants.

The exercises and the drawing of a capitol or cartouche that will be complete by participants will both amaze and help guide others.

Mr. Brockman is a professor at the University of Minnesota. His research interests center on the historic method of scene painting. He has conducted workshops and master classes in the historic method at various universities and schools across the country.

Ms. Keebler, owner and primary instructor at Cobalt Studios, has developed the teaching sequence of lights and darks on ornament as one of her specialties.

There are still a few spaces available for this unique workshop, so sign up today! All participant supplies will be provided. This PDW is presented by the Scene Design Commission.

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C. Lance Brockman, below on the right, demonstrates techniques for creating light and shadow, the subject of a 2006 Professional Development Workshop.