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Commissioners and vice-commissioners got together in August in Louisville, Kentucky to plan many of the year's upcoming activities.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas



Uber-Active in Louisville!

Kim Williamson

In just a few weeks there will be opportunity aplenty to join hundreds of theatre technicians, designers, and production personnel in the once-a-year collective gathering of the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo!

At the heart of the conference is the commission programming which focuses on the specific interests and disciplines of the constituent members of USITT. Whether your interests are specific to a single commission or more expansive to cut across these lines of distinction, the door is open for your attendance and participation. Your conference program is your guide in all things programming related. You also may get a preview of programming from the USITT web site where you will find the session title, day, and time.

The Commission Meetings are specific to each of the 10 Commissions and are open to any and all attendees. The business and planning meeting of the Commissions, they also include the all-important social and networking aspects of the membership. When I am asked about how one becomes a member of a commission, I answer that there is no required activity or secret handshake -- just the desire to walk in the room, engage in conversation, and offer your ideas to the group. It's really quite easy and allows all levels of participation and involvement.

To round out the many offerings, consider dropping by one of many Commission receptions; browsing around the several Commission-sponsored exhibits on the Expo floor, encouraging a student to sign-up for a portfolio review session, or registering for a Professional Development Workshop. Each Commission is the sum of dozens of individuals who each take a bit of time from their busy days to schedule, plan, and implement the best that USITT has to offer. Support a commission and you support the future of USITT.

See you in Louisville!

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