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Louisville Conference at the Gate

Perhaps all of the horse racing analogies have already been used, but the 2006 Conference Committee, presenters, award winners, volunteer leadership, and staff are all preparing for a record-setting good time in Louisville, Kentucky at the end of March.

There is still time to register, either online or by telephone at 800-938-7488. Registrations will be accepted onsite starting at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 29, 2006.

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Sightlines to Launch from Conference

To adhere to our publishing deadlines, the electronic version of the April issue of Sightlines will become available while many of us will be in Louisville at the Conference. Members will still receive electronic notification that the issue is ready, but to prevent a massive number of returned messages from people who are "away from the office" the message will not be sent until the first week in April.

There will only be minimal coverage of the Conference in the April issue, but look for photos and stories in the May issue.

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Jerry Gorrell Retiring

We offer warmest congratulations to Jerry Gorrell, esteemed chair of USITT's Standards Committee, Vice-Commissioner of the Engineering Commission and well-known advocate of the Institute who is retiring after almost 30 years with the City of Phoenix. We won't all be able to attend the party on March 8 in the lobby of the newly-remodeled Symphony Hall, but we send all best wishes for the event.

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