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Programming, such as this session Get Your Foot in the Lighting Door, is just a part of what the Lighting Commission leadership works on throughout the year. Although sessions held at the Annual Conference are very visible, there are many other interest areas within the Commission.

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Lighting Commission Looks Forward to Phoenix in 2007

Rich Dunham
Lighting Co-Commissioner

Welcome to summer! Maybe you're recuperating from a semester of studies or teaching or have just come to the conclusion of a busy winter season. Perhaps you're on that last group of specifications for bidding a big project that is coming up in the fall. Regardless, this is the time of year that many of us take a bit of a breather before we go off to our summer gigs - or, heaven forbid, actual vacations.

By this point, Toronto and the cool temperatures experienced there will most likely be a welcome memory, but for many of us the work of USITT continues throughout the year. Be confident that Commission leaders, a number of session chairs, and other commission members are already working on putting together the elements that will lead up to yet another successful conference next spring in Louisville.

It was good to see both new and returning members at the Lighting Commission meetings expressing an interest in taking an active role in its activities. Along with many established volunteers, many new faces appeared who we are trying to get connected to our programs and projects. If you weren't able to get to Toronto or never got connected to one of the working groups, feel free to contact any of the commission leaders to discuss where you can get involved in a more active role.

The Lighting Commission exists for all of us and members both give and get so many things from the organization. The strength of the Commission truly lies with the volunteers who help in so many different ways throughout the year. While I can never thank all of our leaders and contributors enough, I do want to take one last opportunity to thank all who played a role in making the sessions so successful this spring - session chairs and panelists, project chairs, lab coordinators and volunteers, leadership, sponsors, exhibitors we borrowed gear from - the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, a special thank you to our Vice-Commissioner for Programming Anthony Phelps, who did such a great job in Toronto! We're fortunate that Mr. Phelps has agreed to continue his role this coming year and will be returning as VC for Programming for the Louisville conference. For those looking for an opportunity to get involved, Mr. Phelps is an important person to whom you should feel free to introduce yourself.

Even as this update is being written in April, the Commission is moving ahead with next year's programming and session planning. Members also should look for the final canvass of the RP-2 Lighting Graphics Recommended Practice which should be posted on the USITT web site throughout most of the summer. This will provide one final opportunity for input regarding this recommended practice. If all goes well, the results of this canvass and the final document can be presented to the Board of Directors sometime this fall. Links will be provided from future Sightlines issues throughout the review process.

In Louisville, commission members will once again manage a large, ground-supported ballroom lighting rig for the light lab. As many know, the light lab provides some of the most rewarding session activities the Commission can offer to members during a conference. There will be no fewer than four sessions planned for the lab, and there will be lots of opportunities to see and experience the lab.

While the light lab provides a number of great sessions, it also demands a high level of responsibility in terms of volunteers and planners. A number of committees and veterans are on the volunteer squads - since it's true many people doing a few things is far better then a couple of people running the whole shooting match. Anyone with any interest at all should get involved in the leadership of the light lab; it forms a wonderful way to take on a limited amount of responsibility within a supervised environment. There are more than 20 student and full member volunteers who staff the lab. Most importantly, the labs form a way to get introduced to other members of the commission as well as allowing them to get to know each other better throughout the experience. Many current leaders have come from having limited involvement with past light labs.

The Commission has had an exceptional group of leaders this past year who have helped move several key projects forward, contributed excellent ideas to session planning and conference programming, have introduced several new ideas into activities, and have had a good time as they have worked throughout the year.

The leadership is quite stable in the senior positions while new individuals have come forward and, no doubt, will soon be moving up within the ranks. Lighting Commission leaders who will begin or continue their annual appointments as of July 1 are listed below. There is a large delegation of leaders in the Commission and each is assigned to a specialized area of the lighting industry where he helps coordinate Commission efforts.

Contact any leader for help, ideas or even complaints regarding the workings of the Commission. If a specific leader can't serve you in a given area, he will refer you to other leaders.

Throughout the year, you will see monthly Sightlines articles submitted by most of our leaders. This will allow them to introduce themselves to you while telling you a bit about what they are currently doing for the Commission. Contact leaders throught the information provided below or the Lighting Commission's page on the USITT web site.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


  • Co-Commissioner, Rich Dunham -
    Co-Commissioner, Buddy Combs -
  • VC Programming –Toronto, Anthony Phelps -
  • PDW Coordinator, Mike Ingraham -
  • VC Education, Ann Archbold -
  • VC Projects, Vickie Scott -
  • VC Computer Applications, Robin Schraft -
  • VC Health & Safety, Todd Studebaker -
  • VC Design, James L. Moody -
  • Liason to ESTA, Rob Rowlands -
  • VC Professional Activities, Steve Shelley -
  • Light Lab Coordinators, David Borron -
  • International Liaisons: Tracy Fitch -; Sabrina Hamilton (Portfolio Review Coordinator) -; Heidi Stewart -; Judy Staicer -

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