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New Staff Member

This month we welcome Brian Petrancuk to the Institute staff as our new Accounting/Special Projects Clerk. Mr. Petranchuk is a recent graduate of State University of New York at Oneonta where he received his undergraduate degree in business economics. Readers will learn more about Mr. Petranchuk in an upcoming profile.

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Thanks for the Photo, Fred

Fred Young, winner of the USITT International Travel Award, supplied us with a lovely photo of the State Opera House in Budapest, Hungary which is the subject of the research supported by his award. However, he was also kind enough to supply a self-portrait which is included with the story. If you look closely, you'll see that Mr. Young is wearing his Rose Brand shirt in the photo.

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Planners Visit Louisville

As David Rodger notes in this issue, getting to Louisville is easy. Members of the Conference Committee, and the Commissioners' Steering Committee had an opportunity to find that out the weekend of May 20 when they met for a tour of the facilities which will be used for the 2005 Annual Conference & Stage Expo and to review programming proposals in the city by the Ohio River.

Carl Lefko,VP-Programming, left, reviews room specifications at the Kentucky International Convention Center with Nate Otto, Louisville Programming Coordinator, and Joe Aldridge, VP-Conferences. Note that Mr. Lefko is wearing a USITT golf shirt and Mr. Aldridge sports his USITT hat.
Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

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