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World Stage Design, which premiered in Toronto as an international collaboration of design, brought many designers to North America. USITT's International Committee is establishing a clearinghouse to enhance opportunities for foreign visitors and United States institutions.

Photo/Val Miller


Committee Adds to Registry
For International Visitors

Treva Reimer
International Committee

At its committee meeting in Toronto, the International Committee discussed the idea of a clearing house for international guests.

Many USITT members bring international guests to United States campuses, and the International Committee would like to help facilitate broader exchanges by making connections within the theatre community. Individuals or institutions bringing an international guest to the U.S. who might be willing to extend their stay and visit one or several other institutions, please let us know.

Another way of making the most of an international guest is to work within a Regional Section. Northern Boundary has done this a number of times and it works fairly simply. Each school is responsible for room, board, and honorarium for the time the guest is on its campus and then travel to the next location.

Look for more information regarding international guests for the Louisville conference in upcoming Sightlines.

Contact Treva Reimer for information about the International Guest registry at or by phone at 641-628-5334.


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