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Carolyn Satter may not have been thinking of The Last Word when she captured Niagara Falls in its winter whites last March. She was documenting USITT's trip to the Shaw Festival and Niagara Falls and its stunning light show.

Ever see an image that was just too good to resist, and wanted to share it with colleagues?

Seen a ditty that perfectly captures some aspect of the craft, but not been sure how to bring it to a broader audience?

Been inspired to draw a cartoon, or found a design that wasn't quite right for a production but was too good to just set aside?

Found that satire is the only way to express the end of day/week/production/year frustrations and joy?

The Last Word has been giving readers the opportunity to share production photos, poetry, commentary, humor, and cartoons during the past year.

Please submit potential Last Word items via e-mail to, or call 800-938-7488 to discuss an idea for this page.

We thank Carolyn Satter for sharing the image above.

We encourage others to share as well!

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Barbara E.R. Lucas
Sightlines Editor