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August 2004
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Participants in the May steering committee meetings spent time discussing scheduling of sessions and events. VP Programming Carl Lefko, at right, discusses some of the programming options with the group.

By Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

Photo/Joe Aldridge


Planning Continues for
Toronto's Many Events

The May brought another trip to Toronto, this time for the program scheduling meeting with the VPs of Commissions, Conferences, Programming, and Special Operations, Commissioners’ Steering Committee members, Toronto Program and Promotions Coordinators, and staff.

Organizers toured the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Friday afternoon and the Royal York Hotel on Saturday morning to be able make informed decisions about where to schedule conference sessions and all-conference events. Then we met in a marathon session to review and schedule every single program which had been submitted by the Commissions, exhibitors, regional folks, or other organizations like ESTA, LORT, and USA.

When touring the MTCC and the Royal York, there seemed to be an abundance of meeting rooms. After slotting in all of the sessions which had been submitted, it turned out additional rooms would be needed., Some meetings may be scheduled at the Hotel Intercontinental, which is attached to the Convention Centre. In addition to an unusually large number of Professional Development Workshops, OISTAT World Congress meetings will take place in the days preceding the opening of the Conference.

Most conference sessions and events will take place in the MTCC, with meeting rooms on the 100 Constitution Hall/Grand Ballroom Level and 200 Ground Level, where conference registration will take place in the main entrance lobby. From registration, it’s a quick trip up the escalator to Stage Expo which will be located on the 300 Exhibit Hall Level. Committee members found it interesting that, once you reach the top of the escalator, you’re in the Exhibit Hall with no walls or doors preventing a complete view of the hall.

A trip to Toronto would not be complete without sampling a few restaurants. On brief forays out of the Banff Room at the Royal York where organizers met, they were able to find plenty of options within walking distance of the hotel and the MTCC. They enjoyed lunches at the Armadillo Café and the Lone Star Café on Front Street – how ironic to travel from the United States to Canada to sample Texas-style cuisine in Toronto. The menus were varied, the food good, and most importantly, served quickly, which was exactly what was needed.

At dinnertime organizers checked out a couple of new places – Canyon Creek Chophouse, on Front Street, one night and the Irish Embassy Pub & Grill, at the corner of Wellington and Yonge, the next. Both had nice selections of beer and wine to accompany the meals, and were able to seat large parties without a fuss. It’s safe to say both will be revisited on future trips to Toronto.

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