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August 2004
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Barbara E.R. Lucas
Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Every year the creation of new spaces invigorates the world of the performing arts. These spaces invite performers to create new visions for the future, or to re-imagine the worlds of the past. The work of architects and theatre consultants in creating these spaces is celebrated each year by the USITT Architecture Awards.

The Architecture Commission encourages entries for this year’s competition from new or renovated theatres around the world. Building owners such as universities or non-profit organizations can also submit entries either through encouraging their architects to submit projects or by submitting them directly to the awards program. Entries are used as the basis for a special conference session to review all aspects of the selection process.

Architecture Commissioner Michael Tingley and Vice-Commissioner for Awards William Murray have named Jack Diamond to lead the adjudication process for awards. Mr. Diamond is Principal with Diamond + Schmitt Architects of Toronto, Canada.

The Architecture Awards are open to any new construction or renovation completed since January 1, 1995. The USITT Architecture Awards jury will evaluate projects on creativity, contextual resonance, functional operation, exploration of new technologies, and community contribution.

The deadline for submissions is November 4.

Submission information, requirements, and entry forms will be available on August 15, 2004 at or by contacting Stacy C. Darling, USITT Awards & Special Projects Coordinator, at 800-938-7488 or

Jurors are expected to meet in November, and all those submitting entries will be notified of results in December. Representatives of projects chosen to receive Honor or Merit awards will be invited guests of USITT at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo to be held March 16 to 19 in Toronto, Canada. Projects may also be considered for inclusion in future exhibits of work, including the 2007 Prague Quadrennial. Award winners from the past several years formed the basis of the United States entry in the 2003 Prague Quadrennial architecture exhibit.

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Representatives of the Brighton Dome & Corn Exchange, winners of a 2004 USITT Honor Award traveled from England to participate in the 2004 Awards Banquet in Long Beach.

Photo/Jeffrey Fiala