April 2013

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April 2013

A New Look to Opening Night
A multi-media show made the 2013 Opening Night more about showing than about telling. more »

2013 Conference & Stage Expo
A collage of some of the hundreds of special sessions and moments from Milwaukee in March. more »

Apply For Rigging Safety Initiative
The deadline for the next round of support from the Rigging Safety Initiative for secondary schools is April 15. more »

Train in Las Vegas in May
Three days of intensive training in one of four selected areas will highlight the third Elite Training experience. Apply now. more »

Arbor Day USITT-Style
Supporting the USITT Rigging Safety Initiative means more instruction and inspections for schools across the country. more »

A Midwest Tradition Continues
Young technical theatre participants from throughout the Midwest were the stars in competitions modeled on the Olympics. more »

Planning a Hong Kong Adventure
Lauren Gaston, winner of the 2013 Student Travel Grant, has been studying in Kansas City, but will move her base of operation to Asia with help from USITT. more »

USITT's Executive Director: Why Can't we Change the World
Amazing spaces inspire thoughts about working and innovations within all of our connected worlds. more »

Tech Expo 2013
Adapting concepts to the practical world and then describing and demonstrating them make this biennial special exhibit and catalog special. more »

Wrapping Up Stage Expo and Looking Ahead
Stage Expo 2013, with its Innovation Stage and new and returning exhibitors gave visitors great ideas to contemplate. Now we're already thinking about Fort Worth in 2014. more »

The Last Word — Shadowing the USITT Board
Why one student things the new board mentorship program offers a special opportunity for a student or early career member. more »

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