November 2012

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October 2012

Conference & Stage Expo

Organizing College Transfer Session, Seeks Past Poster Sessions

Jonathan Allender-Zivic Education Commission

Image Courtesy/Jonathan Allender-Zivic

The Education Commission’s projects include preparation for the Milwaukee 2012 Annual Conference & Stage Expo and those which will benefit the Commission and Institute in the future.

Each year, students from community colleges navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of transferring to four-year institutions. Each year, faculty members attempt to assist students in this process. And each year the wheel gets reinvented. Creating articulation agreements between two- and four-year institutions can make the process easier as well as create positive, supportive, and mutually beneficial relationships between programs and departments. A conference session is being organized to explore the opportunities available in creating dynamic pathways that support the students’ success and provide models of educational steppingstones for clear and consistent connectivity while maintaining academic freedom.

The Commission is also looking for digital copies of posters presented at past poster sessions to create an online digital archive. E-mail submissions to David Navalinsky

It’s not too late to submit an abstract for this year’s posters session. Submissions are due November 15. Click here for details.

Updates on the Commssion’s programming and projects are available by joining its Google group.