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Commercial and Non-Commercial tables are a great way for companies and organizations to participate in USITT’s Stage Expo, as the lively exhibitors at the 2011 event show.

Photo/Casey Kearns

Table Spaces Available for Charlotte

Helen P. Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

Priority space selection for Commercial and Non-Commercial tables is taking place this fall. Commercial tables cost $850, and Non-Commercial tables cost $650. Each table space reservation includes a six-foot table with two chairs on a carpeted space, plus two full-conference exhibitor badges.

Commercial tables may be selected by USITT Organizational members whose company’s annual gross sales are less than $250,000 or whose sales in the performing arts market, as determined by USITT, are less than $100,000. In order to qualify for a Commercial Table, organizations must submit a statement from a CPA or attorney acknowledging that the company/organization meets either qualification.

Non-Commercial Tables may be selected by USITT Organizational Members whose company or organization operates with a not-for-profit status. All public educational institutions are qualified to select a Non-Commercial Table. Other organizations that meet the qualifications must include a statement from a CPA or attorney acknowledging that the company/organization meets the qualification or provide copies of appropriate IRS documentation.

Table guidelines were developed to insure that each of the eight exhibitors in each cluster of tables is able to fully utilize the space for which they have paid. A draped storage space located in the center of each cluster is provided for the eight table exhibitors to share. Each exhibitor’s responsibility is to be a "good neighbor” to adjacent exhibitors, and exhibit operations must be conducted so as not to trespass upon the rights of other exhibitors.

Table guidelines are as follows: “A standard commercial or non-commercial table is allocated a space not to exceed 7' wide. Exhibits over 7' wide will need to purchase two table spaces or a booth. Diagonal installations that infringe upon adjoining tables will not be permitted. No table exhibit can be taller than 8'. Exhibits must not intrude into any aisle. Local fire codes will be strictly enforced.”

A total of 64 Commercial and Non-Commercial table spaces are available for Stage Expo 2011. These tables are a great deal for colleges, universities and other organizations who wish to promote their programs at the conference. Anyone who wishes to reserve a table should contact

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