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5D was explored during a well-regarded session at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City, Missouri last April. 5D will be holding its conference in Long Beach, California in October.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

Continuing Partnership with 5D

Frank Ludwig
Scene Design & Technology Commission

The Scene Design & Technology Commission continues to work with David Grindle and the USITT office to clarify the terms of an affiliated partnership with 5D.

As an organization and a conference, 5D is dedicated to exploring and promoting the new convergence of design. In an interview with Bill Desowtz for AWN (Animation Word Network) in September of 2008, production designer and 5D director Alex McDowell described the impetus of 5D this way: “…traditionally there has been a separation between five distinct forms of narrative media: film, television, animation, interactive and gaming, and architecture. Because of the development of this new toolset [advanced digital technologies] and a new mindset for the designer, the artificial boundaries -- the membrane between each of those different media -- has essentially dissolved.”

5D continues to sponsor and participate in many international events including the roundtable discussion presented with the Scene Design Commission at the USITT Annual Conference; The Future of Theatre Minds in Immersive Design: a conversation with 5D on the Future of Immersive Design Conference –a big title for a big topic.

5D is holding its biennale conference in Long Beach California October 7 to 10 on the campus of California State University. For more information go to

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