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A retrospective exhibit of Tech Expo projects was a big hit at Stage Expo in Kansas City.

Photo/William Browning

Tech Expo -- Next 50 Years Begins Now

Rob Kirby
Tech Expo Chair

Many people had a chance to experience the Tech Expo Retrospective Exhibit at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City, Missouri. It is amazing to see how far things have come in the years since USITT began collecting and sharing technical solutions to production challenges!

Consider Andi Lyons' exhibit printed on her dot matrix printer in 1987, as well as the spectrum Tech Expo has encompassed from Stephen Rees's simple and elegant "Wire Rope Keeper" to the pnuematic circuitry of Tom Korder's "Dancing Bed."

Now it is time to become part of the next 50 years by participating in the 2011 Tech Expo. Everyone is urged to take a moment to examine current summer productions as well as past productions for solutions worth bragging about and submit them for consideration.

All areas of production are encouraged to enter. The deadline for submissions is November 1. Download instructions and specifications here, and find the application form here.

Be part of the 2011 Tech Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina, a special exhibit at Stage Expo from March 10 to 12, 2011, and be included in the catalog featuring selected projects.

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