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Programming from the Costume Design & Technology Commission is often colorful and always interesting to those who participate in sessions, such as Working with Hair: Laying Hair and Ventilating at the 2010 Annual Conference.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

Wanted: 2012 Costume Programming Ideas

Melissa L. Merz
Costume Design & Technology Commission

Months before the 2011 USITT Annual Conference opens, the Costume Design & Technology Commission begins to choose its programming for the 2012 event, which will be held in Long Beach, California. For years, the Costume Commission has welcomed suggestions for programming from its members. It’s an exciting process.

At every USITT Annual Conference, there are a number of exciting sessions as well as the Professional Development Workshops. All are presented by professionals and educators who sent in proposals. At the beginning of each Conference, the Commission has a meeting for its members where proposed sessions are outlined. It’s at that time ballots are passed out. Once they are counted, the sessions for the next year begin to be developed, allowing the members to have a direct say on what they want to see at the next conference.

How do the sessions get on the ballot? Any member can propose a session. The proposal form is found on the USITT website. Click on “Conference” in the top band. Click on “Proposing Sessions” on the left side. Instructions for submitting session proposals for the Charlotte conference are there, to provide an outline of the process. While costume sessions have already been decided for Charlotte, the Commission is already looking for sessions for Long Beach, California in 2012.

Are there proposals for Long Beach? Not yet, but proposals can be submitted to Martha Cooper at

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