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New Insurance Benefits Available to Members

USITT and Fractured Atlas are working together to offer a variety of insurance products to members including liability coverage and health care products. Through an arrangement with Fractured Atlas, whose mission is to liberate the artist, any USITT member can become an associate member of FA and gain access to all its programs and services.

“Members have been asking us to investigate insurance coverage for several years,” said David Grindle, USITT Executive Director. “Working with Fractured Atlas puts us in a much larger risk pool and gets better rates for the membership than if we negotiated alone.”

Among the services which will now be available are liability insurance, offered in all states, for a wide range of situations – from annual general liability, to events, to errors and omissions, to theatre designers and technicians, to public art installations. Healthcare options are available in 27 states, and that number is growing.

Fractured Atlas does not provide insurance itself, instead working with different companies to seek the lowest cost, highest quality for all coverage. Microgrants, online courses, and special offers and discounts are also part of the Fractured Atlas package.

USITT members can find complete details and investigate pricing and options by visiting The link can be found on the USITT webpage featuring member benefits. Once on the site, members can enroll for free as associate members of Fractured Atlas and access information and pricing. There is no additional FA Membership fee, but those who enroll must continue their USITT membership.

“Providing our members with this service, through the Open Arts Network, helps address a need for working professionals and those just starting on their careers,” Mr. Grindle noted. “We look forward to the expanding opportunities which Fractured Atlas is planning.”

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