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Ticket pricing is always an interesting topic of discussion for members of the Management Commission and all concerned with filling seats.

Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

Blogs Discuss Pricing Initiatives

Sherry Wagner-Henry
Vice-Commissioner, Arts Management

In the time since the Annual Conference and the Management Commission meetings in Kansas City, many of the relevant issues discussed seem to be constant in the news of the field. Many who attended, Blue Hairs to Gen Y: How to Build and Maintain Audiences, may remember one issue of discussion included Dynamic (or Demand Based) Pricing strategies. It was noted that the Minnesota Centennial Showboat at the University of Minnesota was studying the idea and had intended to launch a pricing initiative this season or next. Looks as if many folks in the field have started to entertain and employ the idea, some with extremely positive success.

A blog commentary from Thomas Cott’s “You’ve Cott Mail”summarizes a larger commentary on demand pricing.This post leads you to the larger article from Rick Lester of TRG (Target Resource Group) Arts, on his blog of cultural consumer behavior. It profiles a case study at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, site of many activities during USITT’s 1980 Annual Confernece & Stage Expo.

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