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Participants in the 2010 Short Reach Short Riders Tricycle Ride gathered between races for a group picture. This is the fourth year that Indiana's Mount Vernon High School Student Chapter of USITT has held its Short Reach Short Riders Trike Race.

Photo/Dana Taylor

Teenagers! Trikes! Again!

A blustery spring day in Indiana was the background for USITT's Mount Vernon High School Chapter's 4th Annual Short Reach Short Riders Trike Race for Behind the Scenes.

Fifteen student riders competed in relays, sprints, and the dreaded "Enduro" (6/10 of a mile around the school). Rather than ride full-size bicycles or even adult-style tricycles, the students participate on vehicles designed to challenge their ability to save their knees. The name of the event is a tribute to the Long Reach Long Riders motorcycle ride.

Winners of this year's events were: Relay - Team Vincent (sponsored by Vincent Lighting Systems); Sprint - Andrew Abad (sponsored by Barbara E.R. Lucas); and Enduro - Diane Lintzenich (sponsored by Kim Craigie).

Sponsors for this year’s ride were: MVHS Chapter of FFA, MVHS Chapter of USITT, Ms. Craigie, Adam Hayward, Ms. Lucas, John McGraw, Lori Rubinstein, Bill Sapsis, and Vincent Lighting Systems. Funds raised this year were just over $2,000. Donations can still be made directly to Behind the Scenes online; by calling The ESTA Foundation at 212-244-1421, or by sending a check to Behind the Scenes, 875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1005, New York, NY 10001.

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