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Every member of USITT has a unique place within the organization, and each intersects in varied and wonderful ways. Shown here are the winners of the H&H Specialties Student Conference support , who each received a rebate of their conference fees through the generosity of H & H Specialties and Reid Neslage, a USITT Fellow, and strong supporter of the organization.

Photo/Tom Thatcher

The Focus Is on ‘U’

David Grindle
Executive Director

It begins with the letter U, USITT. Yet the Institute has always been an organization about you, the member. Founded as an organization to exchange ideas and build upon each other’s knowledge and expertise; the individual member has always been, and will continue to be, the true focus of USITT.

The work of those people across the country who organize events, research and write, and work in the art of theatre technology, that is the true work of USITT, and that is what we should be most proud of, our human resources. “U are the Institute” is the unofficial working motto of the office. Without members to support and promote, we really have no purpose and we value our purpose.

“I am the Institute” is the motto I would encourage all members to adopt.

I, it’s the center of our name. The individual member is who we are here to celebrate. That said, you will soon see that celebration as we begin to profile our members on the website, in Sightlines, and across the Institute. Our greatest resource should be the one we show off and take pride in, and the first people we should share with is ourselves.

That includes everyone taking pride in membership. I ask each one of you to make sure “Proud Member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology” appears in your biographics online and in programs.

Take the time to talk about yourself or your friends. We want to celebrate the achievements of you, the center of the organization. Did you get a promotion? Win an award? Receive tenure? Have something published outside of Institute publications? We want to know about those things so we can share them with the rest of the membership. We’ve even set up an e-mail address just for such information. Use it.

Members. We exist because of you, for you, and through you. As we go in to the next 50 years and beyond, help us celebrate U, the beginning, and that will lead to a never-ending future.

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