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Firms Combine for Vertical Success

The Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in the AT&T Performing Arts Center, in Dallas, Texas, is a “vertical theatre” that has the back-of-house and front-of-house areas situated above and below several stories of performance space.

Serapid, Inc.’s Rigid Chain telescope actuators are part of a system that services the stage levels enabling scenery and seating to be lifted or lowered from storage facilities. Serapid asked Stage Technologies in Las Vegas, Nevada, to create a bespoke system for controlling the modular seating lifts that transport the seating up and down the “superfly” tower. Stage Technologies also provided development and modification of cutting-edge, wireless automation equipment - technology that allows a single operator to move the Serapid Lift Systems at pre-set speeds from anywhere in the building where the Stage Technologies wireless signal is available.

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System Highlights Diversity of Instruments

Music is the oldest language on Earth, one everyone instinctively recognizes regardless of nationality or age. The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona describes itself as “the world’s first global musical instrument museum” with an impressive array of instruments from nearly 250 countries and territories.

Stage Technologies Las Vegas installed an automation system in the museum’s 299-seat music theatre. This is part of the museum’s mission to heighten awareness of the diversity of musical instruments throughout history and the world.

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Spots Still Available for Teacher Training

Spots are still available for this year's Teacher Training Class July 5 to 9 at Cobalt Studios.

This session is designed to aid teachers in creating a basic scenic painting class as well as give them techniques to increase the depth of their department's painting ability. It is aimed at the teacher who has little support or training in the scenic arts and seeks greater knowledge of procedure and technique.

Course instruction is a minimum of seven hours daily in class, Monday through Friday. For more information visit

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