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Ohio Valley hosts Design Master Class

On May 22, 25 people from all over the Ohio Valley section converged on the Denison University Mulberry Computer Lab for a two-day master class on media design for live performances presented by Associate Professor Jacob Pinholster from Arizona State University.

Mr. Pinholster generously shared his wealth of training and experience as a media designer for a wide range of productions from experimental new work to Broadway shows. His work will be seen again on Broadway in The Pee Wee Herman Show opening this October.

Participants learned about creating masks in Photoshop, use of AfterEffects for editing including chroma keying and luma keying of video and how to map images to surfaces as well as sampling a variety of playback systems -- from the moderately priced QLab to Isadora, and even the high-end, Watchout.

Participants remarked that the presenter and workshop exceeded their expectations. Some were beginning to generate cues for upcoming shows by the end of the weekend.

The section expressed sincere thanks to Chris Faur and Denison University for hosting the event as well as Mr. Pinholster for a dynamic and exciting weekend “making the world safe for projection design.” There has already been discussion about continuing this topic with another master class in the future.

Save the date for the Fall Conference for the Ohio Valley Section. It will be held Saturday, September 25 at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio It is shaping up to be an exciting day of fun and informative sessions!

Photos/Tammyi Honesty

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Barbecue Planned

Members in the New England area should plan now to attend the New England Regional Section Barbecue which will be held from 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, August 21, 2010. Section Chair Joe Donovan will host the event as his home at 28 Monroe Highway in Brooks, Maine.

The barbecue will be in the afternoon. For anyone interested, the group we will then drive to the University of Maine (about 45 minutes) for a tour of the facilities and an opportunity to see The Mousetrap, part of the university’s new summer season.

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New Officers in HOA

Several news officers have been added by Heart of America. Elected as a new Vice President for Membership is Heather Hillhouse of Stephens College. Ben Stark of Kansas State University joins Christopher Waller as Vice President for programming.

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