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Seek Lighting Portfolio Reviewers, Presenters

As members prepare for USITT’s 2010 Conference & Stage Expo -- registering for the conference, booking the hotel room and flight, planning what sessions to attend and what booth to go to first -- consider joining the Lighting Commission’s Portfolio Review as either a presenter or reviewer.

One goal of the Lighting Commission’s mission is to promote excellence in lighting design and lighting design education. Portfolio reviews provide presenters a wider audience in relation to individual progress and work by soliciting opinions from someone other than their primary mentor. Reviewers have an opportunity to see upcoming talent happening across the country, along with sharing their own knowledge and skills. Reviewers provide helpful, non-threatening, and incisive comments and suggestions.

The overall review process takes approximately 30 minutes for each review and is a wonderful way to participate in Commission sponsored activities. Anyone with a degree in lighting or working in the professional field and interested in having a hand developing upcoming lighting designers should consider becoming a reviewer. Beginning reviewers will be teamed with those who have reviewed during prior USITT Conferences.

Presenters are made up of students of all levels, professionals just starting out or looking for the next step up, and educators needing a peer review for the promotion and tenure process.

To volunteer as a reviewer or have any questions, e-mail Jennifer Read at To be a presenter, find further information at the Conference website and then e-mail Ms. Read.

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