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WSD2009 Award Winners Named

The award winners at World Stage Design 2009 (WSD2009) were announced recently. There were 247 entrants from 26 countries included in the celebration of design for the performing arts in set, costume, lighting, and sound. Ninety-nine participating designers from 19 countries went to Seoul, Korea to exhibit artworks in the SangMyung Gallery and the Zeroone Design Gallery along with Rien Bekker’s Costume Exhibition in the Lock Museum.

Members from USITT attending included Sandy Bonds, VP-International Activities; Bobbi Owen, VP-Communications; Dr. Joel E. Rubin, USITT co-founder and Past President; and Fritz Schwentker, a representative on the OISTAT Technology Commission. Others in Korea for WSD were Laura Crow with the OISTAT Costume Working Group; Carl Walling, Rick Thomas, and OISTAT President Michael Ramsaur.

Dr. SungChul Kim, director of WSD2009 and president, KTAA, OISTAT’s center in Korea, expressed his appreciation to those participating in the event which helped make it a “dream come true” and a “wonder envisioned.”

Award winners are:

Outstanding Scenographer
Monica Raya (Mexico) for The Skin (set and costume), Rappaccini’s Daughter (set, costume and lighting), Twelfth Night (set and light), Autopsy to a Snowflake (set and costume), and AUTOPSIA (lighting)

Set Design

  • Gold Award: Liu Xinglin (China), Tangwan
  • Silver Award: Judit Csanadi (Hungary), Peer Gynt, The Ambitious and The Flighty; and Dorita Hannah (New Zealand), Aarero Stone and Her Topia
  • Honorable Mention: Tsang Man-Tung (Hong Kong, China), No End and Ubu Roi

Costume Design

  • Gold Award: Dorita Hannah (New Zealand), Aarero Stone and Her Topia; and Heng-Cheng Lin (Taiwan), Lysistrata and Endgame
  • Silver Award: Edyta Rzewuska (Mexico), Nezahualcóyotl; and Hye-sook Chang (Korea), The Dance of the Four Flying Gods in the Sky

Light Design

  • Gold Award: Beto Bruel (Brazil), Not About Love
  • Silver Award: Lee-Zen Michael Chien (Taiwan), Like Shadows
  • Honorable Mention: Vinny Jones (Netherlands), tobetonotbe and de Monant

Sound Design
The Awards Jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision so it decided to divide the prize money among all contributors in the category.

  • Jude Edgard C Balsamo (Phillipines), Amihan
  • Curtis Craig (USA), Pentecost
  • Igor Drevalev (Russia), The Black Monk
  • Gregg R Fisher (UK), Sarajevo Story
  • Elisheba Itoop (USA), Bent
  • Jethro Joaquin (Phillipines), Hamlet
  • Karen Lauke (UK), The Odyssey
  • Richard Malone (USA), Female Transport
  • Matthew Suttor (USA), The Trial of the Cannibal Dog Opera
  • Richard K Thomas (USA), Henry V
  • Bradlee Ward (USA), The Methuselah Tree
  • Claire Windsor (UK), Palace of the End
  • Chien Feng Wu (Taiwan), Love Letters

WSD2009 Showcase

  • Chungkang College of Cultural Industries (Korea)
  • Kaywon School of Art & Design (Korea)
  • Kookmin University (Korea)
  • Royal Scottish Academy of Arts and Music (UK)
  • SangMyung University (Korea)
  • Stage & Costume (Korea)
  • University of Connecticut (USA)

Special acknowledgement to: Royal Scottish Academy of Arts and Music (UK) and University of Connecticut (USA)

Members of the award jury were: Kate Burnett (United Kingdom), OISTAT History and Theory Commission Chair, scenographer; Martin Godfrey (UK), OISTAT Executive Committee Member; Michael Ramsaur (United States), President of OISTAT, Lighting Designer; Peter McKinnon (Canada), OISTAT Executive Committee Member, Lighting Designer; Rien Bekkers (Netherlands), Honorable Scenographer at PQ07 and WSD2009, Costume Designer; Sean Crowley (UK), Vice Chair, OISTAT Education Commission; Seok-Dol Seo (Korea) , Chief Editor for WSD2009 Exhibition; Simona Rybáková (Czech Republic), OISTAT Executive Committee Member, Costume Designer; and Steven Brown (UK), Head, OISTAT Sound Designer Working Group.

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