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Seek Comments on Rigging Labeling Standard

Jerry Gorrell
USITT Standards Committee Chair

Comments are being sought for the standard RP-4 Recommended System for Labeling Rigging Unknowns.

Because teaching rigging math is a relatively new field and most instructors have been self taught, there is little consistency in labeling the variables. Imagine if the variables in the Pythagorean theorem were different in different math classes. C is always the hypotenuse of the triangle and the sides adjacent to the right angle are A and B. This consistency makes the formula recognizable everywhere.

The inconsistency in the use of the variables in rigging equations is causing confusion among young riggers and those new to rigging. To assist in correcting this inconsistency the USITT Standards Committee has been working with well known rigger Rocky Paulson, who has drafted a Recommended System for Labeling Rigging Unknowns.

The USITT Standards Committee is requesting that members review the recommended practice and submit any comments to: Jerry Gorrell,; 15514 East Bumblebee Lane, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.

Deadline for submitting comments is January 3, 2010.

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