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Leaders of the Scene Design Commission help determine which programming will be recommended for USITT’s Annual Conference & Stage Expo. In 2009, the commission presented a session on translucent backdrops, illustrated with examples which were hung and lit during the session.

Photo/Casey Kearns

Scene Design Commission Leadership Update


Following is an update on the Scene Design Commission leadership and their e-mail addresses. Commission leaders are eager to hear from those interested in assisting with the mission and work of the commission.

The mission of the Scene Design Commission is to: further an interest in the areas of scene design, scenic painting, and properties; provide easily accessible information about the latest innovations and trends within the field; and encourage the improvement and evolution of the teaching of design.

  • Karen Maness: Co-Commissioner,
  • Frank Ludwig: Co-Commissioner,
  • Michelle Harvey: Vice-Commissioner for Programming,
  • Robert Berls: Vice-Commissioner for Health & Safety,
  • Nadine Charlsen: Past Commissioner, Co-Vice-Commissioner for Projects and Symposia,
  • Susan Crabtree: Co Vice-Commissioner for Scenic Art,
  • Joan Newhouse: Co Vice-Commissioner for Scenic Art,
  • Dennis L. Hassan: Vice-Commissioner for Computers,
  • Heidi F. Hoffer: Vice-Commissioner for Publications Liaison,
  • Casey Kearns: Vice-Commissioner for Design,
  • Rich Larsen: Vice-Commissioner for Education,
  • John Lavarnway: Co Vice-Commissioner for Props,
  • Elizabeth Popiel: Co Vice-Commissioner for Props,
  • Ken Martin: Co-Vice-Commissioner for Projects and Symposia,
  • Treva Reimer: Vice-Commissioner for International Issues,
  • Panela Leung: Vice-Commissioner for Student Affairs,
  • Arden Weaver: Vice-Commissioner for Heritage,
  • Rob Eastman-Mullins: Portfolio Review,
  • Ann Cadaret: Portfolio Review,

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