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Groups Off and Running To Transform Institute

Carl Lefko
USITT President

The response to my request for volunteers to participate in the next steps to transform USITT from its current structure was both unanticipated and gratifying. More than 40 members expressed their willingness to assist with our search for an Executive Director and the continuing work needed to shift to a governance model.

These individuals (including members of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, representatives from the corporate sector, students, and individuals who are not currently part of our leadership) answered the call to assist with our transition efforts. It is reassuring to know that volunteers are “alive and well” and willing to devote their time to improving USITT. This support has allowed us to enlarge the Transition Advisory Team (TAT) by adding subcommittees as we begin the next phase of the transformation.

Sylvia Hillyard Pannell, in her role as chair of both the overall By-Laws Committee and the expanded TAT By-Laws subcommittee, has initiated an extensive review of the By-Laws in a effort to realign our rules of operation with the Board’s directive to move toward a governance structure with an executive director. Members of this group include Pat Dennis, Mitch Hefter, Lawrence Hill, Jean Montgomery, and Charles Williams.

Dan Culhane is chairing the Executive Director Search subcommittee which will identify a search firm to assist in our efforts to hire an Executive Director, and then recommend a candidate for that position. The team has developed a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the first part of their task, and plans to have a firm identified and the search underway later this spring. Joe Aldridge, Bill Byrnes, Andi Lyons, Michael Gross, Ray Kent, and Sherry Wagner-Henry round out the subcommittee.

The By-Laws subcommittee will be working closely with the Policies and Procedures subcommittee chaired by Carolyn Satter and the Job Description subcommittee chaired by Jack Feivou to realign our organizational structure and meet the challenges for the next 50 years.

Vickie Scott and David Krajec join Ms. Satter’s subcommittee and Mark Shanda and David Grindle are working with Mr. Feivou on job descriptions. Each of these committees has begun their tasks and has been asked to report on their progress in late June. I again thank each of the individuals agreeing to serve as part of our Transition Advisory Team on these vital subcommittees.

Click here for a complete list of TAT subcommittees.

One block at a time, USITT is building a bridge to the next 50 years. But first we must celebrate our first 50 years. The countdown has started and in just 10 short months we will be celebrating USITT’s 50th anniversary at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Kansas City, Missouri.

Start making your plans now for the largest birthday bash most of us will ever have the opportunity to experience.

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