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Jules Fisher’s dynamic presentation on his career in lighting design brought information (and a sense of adventure) during the USITT 2009 Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. His session was interrupted by a building-wide fire alarm, which was determined to be an error. To see the complete session, click here.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

The Lighting Commission – Cincy Wrap-up!

Vickie Scott Lighting
VC for Programming, Cincinnati 2009

USITT's 49th Annual Conference & Stage Expo was a major success, breaking attendance records and providing information and networking for more than 4,000 people.

Kicking off the fun for the USITT Lighting Commission Wednesday morning, Magic Sheets AREN’T Magic! session chair David Griffith brought together a panel of lighting design professionals who discussed the ins and outs of their personal approach to magic sheets and why it works for them.

Lighting Networks, chaired by Todd Profitt, offered an amazing introduction to the set-up and troubleshooting of lighting networks. Although session chair Deb Lockwood came down with laryngitis right before the session, LD / Programmer Communication brought together a lighting designer and a programmer who explored the communication process and vocabulary necessary to “pimp” the show. In Architectural Dimming and Control, session chair Buddy Combs presented some of today's leading professionals who examined the different philosophies and directions in architectural dimming and control. With the session Media Servers, chair Ann Archbold and her panelist reminded us, “It’s not your Momma's slide projector anymore!”

Led by session chair Bryan Stevenson, Entering the Workforce / What's in Your Toolbox? brought together industry professionals who discussed the skills needed to enter the fields of theatrical, concert, opera, industrial and theme park lighting design and the differences between them. In Alternative Light Sources / Tricks of the Trade, session chair Todd Studebaker and his panelists took us well beyond Tungsten-Halogen and into electroluminescence (oooohhh aaahhh). Seminar for Young Lighting Designers: Being an Assistant, co-sponsored with the Gilbert Hemsley Lighting Programs and wrangled by Rich Dunham, gave us an in-depth look at building an assistant design career in the New York market. Other Duties As Assigned, chaired by Steve Holliday, helped us to diagnose and hopefully treat our “multiple responsibility disorder.”

In the session Before the Drafting: Developing your Lighting Design, session chair Jennifer Read and her panelists shared a variety of tips and approaches for communicating the visual of a lighting design. Last, but certainly not least, in The Designs of Jules Fisher, Mr. Fisher, subject of USITT's latest monograph and 2009 Distinguished Achievement in Lighting Design recipient, gave us a personally guided tour through his distinguished career, design philosophies, and creative process while sharing examples from Le Rêve, his fabulous production at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

The Lighting Commission had an action packed and fun filled conference; oh and some Cincinnati-style chili, too!

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