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Riggers Reach Milestone at Cathedral

For the 20th consecutive year, Sapsis Rigging Entertainment Services Inc. provided production services to The Paul Winter Consort for its Winter Solstice concert at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

Mike Sapsis, head of rigging for the production said, "I never get tired of doing this show. The band is great to work with, and the cathedral is a terrific place to do a show, especially now that the renovations and repairs from the 2001 fire are complete."

One of the effects during the concert is to fly a musician about 70 feet up where he plays an eight foot diameter tam. The musician is Scott "Gong Guy" Sloan, also a rigger for Sapsis.

For more information, contact Bill Sapsis at

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Wybron Releases Updated Gel Swatch Library

More gels and more ways to compare and sort them come with the latest version of Wybron Inc.’s award-winning Gel Swatch Library for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Gel Swatch Library version 1.2.0, now available through Apple’s App Store, gives users more options in browsing and searching nearly 1,000 GAM, Lee, and Rosco gel colors. Users can now compare any two colors in the library.

The Gel Swatch Library earned the ESTA Member’s Choice Product Award in the “Widget” category at LDI in October. Since its July introduction, more than 1,700 copies have been purchased, and the application has been praised by many in the lighting industry.

Customers who have already downloaded the Gel Swatch Library will be notified when the update becomes available. They can download the updates at no additional charge. For more information visit or call 719-548-9774.

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Wireless System for Le Rêve in Las Vegas

Le Rêve, now running at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, is an aquatic spectacular, set in a one million-gallon “stage” featuring diving. The W-DMX system by Wireless Solution was chosen to solve problems inherent in the original production.

One W-DMX S-2 transmitter and two R-512 receivers are used to control two universes of moving lights. The fixtures are on a 40-foot-wide carousel, rotating at 4 rpm over the stage. An additional W-DMX S-1 transmitter and three Micro receivers control set pieces, including a lamp post, clock and spell spheres.

W-DMX distributor TMB supplied the wireless equipment to PRG Las Vegas, who provided and installed the lighting system for Le Rêve.

For more information about W-DMX by Wireless Solution, visit or

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