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New Look for New Edition of Ming Cho Lee Monograph


The subject may be familiar, but few will immediately recognize the newly-issued Designs of Ming Cho Lee by Delbert Unruh.

This new collaboration came about because of a connection made at the 2007 Prague Quadrennial. “Austin Wang contacted me and indicated his interest in producing a Chinese version of The Designs Of Ming Cho Lee for the Taiwan Theatre Community,” Mr. Unruh explained. “I agreed and through the offices of TATT (Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology), and Broadway Press the book was prepared.

“Mr. Wang provided the translation and Alina Lin provided the artistic layout. The book features most of the photographs from the USITT version as well as substantial new material from Ming’s many visits and designs in Taiwan,” Mr. Unruh said.

For availability and cost of the Chinese version of the Monograph, contact


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