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Members of the ACN Task Force, left, received the 2007 Frank Stewart Volunteer of the Year Award in November.

Photo/Courtesy ESTA


ESTA Presents Stewart, Dealers' Choice Awards

ESTA presented several awards at LDI 2007 in November.

The 2007 Frank Stewart Volunteer of the Year Award, which recognizes extraordinary effort by a volunteer or group of volunteers during the previous year, was presented to the ACN Task Group for its work in developing ANSI E1.17, the important new Architecture for Control Networks standard. Steve Terry, retiring Co-Chair of the TSP Control Protocols Working Group, presented the award to Dan Antonuk (Task Group Chair), Ole Bystrup, Flemming Jensen, Richard Lawrence, Rick Leinen, Kevin Loewen, Alan Martello, Philip Nye, Stuart Cotts, and Yngve Sandboe.

ESTA also announced the winners of the 2007 Dealers' Choice Product Awards which recognize outstanding entertainment technology products in three categories: Expendable, Widget, and Equipment. These awards, honoring product innovation, were established to recognize the enormous impact dealers have on the success of a new product, as well as a unique perspective on its merits. The winners for 2007 are:

Expendable Category -- Lex-Lox Cage Clamp NEMA Wiring Device from Lex Products Corp.

The first screwless cage clamp wiring device, it uses spring pressure instead of screws to make electrical termination so no tools are required to wire.

Widget Category -- Gel Miser from Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

Designed for use in retail displays, permanent installations, and difficult change-out applications, it filters infrared energy and extends the life of color filters, reducing labor and material costs in the process.

Equipment Category -- Right Arm from Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

Its functional design makes it easy to add pan and tilt capabilities to a wide variety of lighting, video and projection devices.

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