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Rosco Assists Hemsley Programs

Rosco Laboratories Inc. recently presented a royalty payment of $3,274 from the color, Hemsley Blue (R361), to The Hemsley Lighting Programs at LDI in Orlando. Total royalities are $5,336 to date.

Hemsley Blue was created by Mark Stanley, resident lighting designer for the New York City Ballet, at the suggestion of Stan Miller, in memory of Gilbert Hemsley. Rosco has pledged to donate the royalties from the sale of Hemsley Blue to support the Hemsley Lighting Programs, a not-for-profit foundation offering internships, master classes, USITT seminars, and professionally critiqued portfolio reviews as a tribute to the late Mr. Hemsley.

During his lifetime as a noted Broadway, opera, and dance lighting designer and University of Wisconsin-Madison professor, Mr. Hemsley dedicated himself to training young theatre professionals. For 23 years his spirit and legacy have lived on through the generous support of his students, colleagues, and friends. Each year, the Hemsley Lighting Programs strive to bring students and professionals together in unique ways that bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds. Rosco's support will help allow these opportunities to continue.

For more information about making a contribution or participating in The Hemsley Lighting Programs, contact Ellen Sorrin,, 212-870-5650.

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Clancy Adds Rigging Checklists to Website

J. R. Clancy, Inc., a design, manufacturing and installation company for theatrical rigging equipment, now offers updated rigging installation checklists on its website for use by installers, theatre consultants, or end users of stage rigging.

The checklists assist users in reviewing a completed rigging installation and determining if any steps have been missed or if all is in safe working order. Use of these simple checklists will help installers and end users find any problems and resolve them quickly before they become safety hazards for people onstage or operators of the rigging system. This precaution is particularly important in helping venues meet OSHA regulations for safety in the workplace.

Developed by J.R. Clancy in conjunction with Jay O. Glerum, author of Stage Rigging Handbook, the checklists cover motorized rigging systems, manual rigging systems, and fire safety curtains.

The checklists are available as pdf files at installationchecklist.pdf. For additional information, contact J. R. Clancy at 800.836.1885 or

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SHoW DMX a Winner at LDI

City Theatrical's new SHoW DMX wireless DMX received the "Best Debuting Product of the Year" in the lighting category at the LDI show in Orlando.

CTI's SHoW DMX system uses a patent pending method that synchronizes the hopping pattern of the radio with the incoming DMX burst to attain levels of data fidelity previously unreachable with wireless DMX. Additionally, SHoW DMX has a range of features including adjustable output power, limited bandwidth mode, and limited burst mode that allow it to peacefully coexist with other radio signals in the busy 2.4 GHz band. SHoW DMX also is fully RDM so users can change radio settings and monitor receiver strength from a laptop during the performance, as well as monitor any other manufacturer's RDM gear on the production.

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ETC Debuts Ion at LDI 2007

Losing no momentum in an unprecedented year of awards for its lighting control systems, ETC unveiled its next blockbuster control desk, Ion, at LDI in November.

Visitors to ETC's booth got the first look at this latest addition to the company's Complete Control line -- the follow-up and smaller sibling to its award-winning Eos desk.

Like Eos, Ion is designed for multimedia lighting rigs delivering seamless control over conventionals, moving lights and LEDs. With its small footprint, Ion is a compact, affordable solution for space starved venues with the flexibility to grow even more powerful as needed.

For more information about Ion and all ETC lighting products highlighted as part of the company's anniversary celebration, go to

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