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Lifecasting With Silicone - Make a Face Mold, left, was a hugely popular session at the 2007 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Phoenix, Arizona last March. Brad Frikkers of Smooth-On led the exhibitor-sponsored session.

Photo/Tom Thatcher


Exhibitors, Commissions
Team Up for Sessions

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

Several programs which are being co-sponsored by Commissions and Exhibitors have been scheduled for the 2008 Conference & Stage Expo. Here are brief descriptions of some of the sessions which will be presented by exhibitors in Houston.

Costume Commission/Exhibitor Sessions:
Precision Dyeing and Color Matching
Sponsored by Dye Pro
A demonstration on precision dyeing techniques used in the sampling process will be shown with the use of hot water union dyes. These same techniques also can be applied using acid and direct dyes. Color matching using stock solutions and preparing these samples to present to a designer will be discussed. Techniques for sampling can be applied to vat dyeing yardage to achieve perfect results.

Iron-On Embellishments
Sponsored by Kreinik Mfg.
Discover the convenience of iron-on metallic threads, rhinestones, and beads for costumes and props.

Owning and Operating a Costume-Related Business
Sponsored by Period Corsets
A panel of business owners who own costume related businesses will discuss what it takes to start and operate a commercial costuming business.

Careers in Costume Design
Sponsored by United Scenic Artists
This session looks at the how, what, and why of a successful career designing costumes for the entertainment industry. Guest panelists are from the professional world of costume design for stage, film, and television.

Management Commission/Exhibitor Session:
Specifying the Specs
Sponsored by Walt Disney Entertainment & Rose Brand
A panel presentation by two USITT Stage Expo exhibitors on developing appropriate specifications for goods, projects, and services.

Scene Design Commission/Exhibitor Session:
Pigment, Fabric and Light - Interplay of Costumes & Painted Scenery Under Lights
Sponsored by Rosco
Costumes, colored pigment, and colored light, how one affects the other. Using scenic products vs. DIY-type products to get the most of your design and your dollar.

Sound Commission/Exhibitor Sessions:
Continuing Adventures in Sound
Sponsored by d & b audiotechnik
Continuing the series of presentations about loudspeakers and their interface with systems and audiences, this panel presentation includes both theory and practical demonstrations.

How FCC Changes Will Affect Your Wireless Microphone
Sponsored by Shure, Inc.
Learn about the state of the wireless industry, focusing on FCC policy regarding the use of radio frequency (RF) spectrum, the "white spaces" proposal for future spectrum allocation, DTV transition, and auctioning off of the wireless spectrum.

Exhibitors interested in submitting a proposal for an exhibitor-sponsored program should contact Helen Willard at for more information.

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