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USITT's 2008 election process will be conducted securely online by Votenet Solutions.


USITT 2008 Elections
Unfold Electronically

Ashley A. Austin
Administrative Assistant

USITT is taking a slightly "greener" approach to the 2008 elections. USITT has made the switch from traditional paper ballots to an electronic process using Voting on Demand by Votenet Solutions. This will allow members to cast their vote at any time from any place. Although USITT has made the move to an electronic voting system, the process still remains secure and anonymous.

In mid-November an e-mail will be sent to all members announcing the opening of the 2008 balloting process. The message will contain a link to the secure voting site. There will also be a link from the USITT homepage that will connect members directly to the e-ballot process.

All members current as of noon, Eastern Standard Time on November 2 will be eligible to vote in the 2008 election.

The election process is very easy and straightforward. Members will log in using their member number and password, which is the last name of the individual member or the designated voting representative of an organizational member.

The site includes information about the offices which are up for election, as well as photos and short biographies of all candidates.

Once choices have been made, members will have the option to view a confirmation page where they can print a copy of their vote receipt. Upon completion, members will return to the USITT homepage. The election process will be open for more than a month, allowing plenty of time to consider decisions before voting.

Any member who does not have a valid e-mail address on file with USITT will be mailed a paper ballot.

For any further questions please contact Ashley Austin at or 800-938-7488, extension 101.

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