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One of the oldest and most respected resident professional theatre companies in the country, this Tony Award-winning theatre literally began in an alley in 1947.

Photos/Courtesy Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Everything from A to Z
Available in Houston

Janet Harreld
Houston Conference Promotions Coordinator

A is for the theatre founded in an Alley or for the Parade of Art Cars so exotic and unique.

B is for Bayou Bend, the enchanting house of Miss Ima, or Bayou City Arts Festival on sidewalk and on street.

C is for the Houston Children's Museum; for "cool hands and minds on" exuberance.

D is for dance, available in amazing array, with so many people artistically in motion!

E is for George Hawkin's Ensemble Theatre igniting passion for African American expression.

F is for festivals most divine, from chocolate and beer, to cantatas and Wilde.

G is for the Gulf Freeway taking travelers to the Grand 1894 on Galveston Isle.

H is for Hermann Park for relaxing and for golf, or for the Heights where VIPs and wealthy possess homesteads.

I is for IAH, code for George Bush Intercontinental, the mega airport so confusing, where mere humans get lost and walk until their heads ache!

J is for Jesse Jones, who gave his name (and all kinds of money) to the Symphony's magnificent hall.

K is for Kemah with carousel, coasters, and water-side eats in an outdoor mall.

L is for "Great Aunt" Lucy at the Natural Science Museum. Visit her, the Gem Vault or the Cockrell's butterflies and, just think, it's all real!

M is for the Montrose, the hip heart of the city, or Main Street Theater's March show, Translations, by Brian Frie.

N is for NASA, the Johnson Space Center, or for neighborhood theatres. How many can there be?

O is for oil, Jed's black gold and Texas Tea, that makes the skyline of Houston something spectacular to see.

P is for the urban parks dotting the landscape, sweet scented, grassy with art, and for the six block Project Row Houses magnificent and stately.

Q is for quilts or for quartz, both revealed at Reliant on a mind-numbing scale with panache that's just flakey.

R is for the Rodeo and Livestock Show, greatest competition of two- and four-footed talents on earth.

S is for Stages Rep Theater dedicated to new works - original and exciting with side-splitting mirth.

T is for Texas Square overlooking the arts, or for Toyota Center where sports or concerts abound.

U is for USITT which will have its 48th Annual Conference & Stage Expo at the intriguing George R Brown.

V is for Verizon Wireless Theatre offering Frampton or Killswitch or female roller derby.

W is for The Wortham playground of Opera and Ballet, or for the gorgeous Williams Water Wall, outside the Loop and west of Kirby.

X is for Express Children's Theatre (some poetic license); presenting enchanting tales by performers from Houston Community College.

Y is for you, dear USITT reader. Come join all the fun, exhibits, and shared knowledge.

Z is for Zoo, the Houston Zoo, in Herman Park. See all of the animals that filled Noah's Ark!

Meerkats at the Houston Zoo don't have their own television program...yet.

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