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Disney Entertainment Productions Welcomed

USITT welcomes a new member of the Disney family as a Contributing member. Disney Entertainment Productions based in Anaheim, California is supporting the Institute at the highest level. Matthew K. Conover, Vice-President, is the contact person for Disney Entertainment Productions.

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PRG Helps Bring Christmas to Macy's

Christmas may be past, but the memories of Macy's Christmas windows will be enhanced because of the automation, control systems, scenery, and lighting provided by PRG Scenic Technologies. The six automated display windows were built around the theme "It's Christmas in the City." The windows won the Platinum Award (first place) in the 2005 DDI Winning Windows Contest from Display & Design Ideas magazine. It was the first time Macy's had won the award.

"The mechanics and structures barely fit within the physical structure of the windows. It was challenging to package in the tight spaces and also to work with much smaller scale components than on your typical projects," said Jim Kempf, PRG Scenic Technology's mechanical designer on the project.

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Ray Whitton Returns to Vari-Lite

Vari-Lite, a Genlyte company, has hired Ray Whitton as Business Development Manager for the western region of the United States. He will be based in Simi Valley, California and joins Charlie Hulme and Tom Simons in supporting sales of Vari-Lite, Entertainment Technology, and Lightolier Controls products. Bob Schacherl, VP of Worldwide Sales noted "The timing couldn't have been better" for Mr. Whitton's return "due to the continued increase in demand and sales of our products...Ray has shown a tremendous aptitude for success in sales management and his knowledge of the entertainment lighting industry is second to none."

Vari-lite also began shipping the first of its VL500 Wash luminaires during December. The first units were delivered to Clearwing Productions in West Alis, Wisconsin to be used on the 79th Annual Concordia Christmas Concert in Moorhead, Minnesota. There were 32 VL500 Wash luminaires and eight VL3000 Spot luminaires in the Christmas Concert rig, which was taped in HDTV by PBS for broadcast and DVD distribution.

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