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Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
USITT President-Elect

USITT is launching the first year of a special five-year fundraising campaign in support of the forthcoming 50th anniversary. In thinking about your donation, consider the late President John F. Kennedy's call for service to the nation which I have rephrased for our organization, "Ask not what USITT can do for you but what you can do for USITT."

As members of USITT, you and I already know and have profited from what the Institute can do for us. Examples are:

  • USITT engages its membership in an invaluable professional network, one that addresses design and technology ideas and issues, enhances professional development, and provides a platform for you and the rest of the leaders of our field to come together to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another.
  • USITT offers its membership funding to support research grants and fellowships.
  • USITT offers its members support for a wide range of international activities such as the opportunity to participate in the astonishing and prestigious Prague Quadrennial.
  • USITT offers its student members support for long-range and immediate goals.

To assure future generations of professionals these benefits and more it is time for us to "ask what we can do for USITT."

Simply put, please donate to the USITT@50 (PDF) campaign now. Your donation will help insure the future by making these awards, activities, and opportunities self-supporting.

The Board of Directors of USITT has approved a 50 percent match as an incentive for those choosing to make a five-year commitment in giving to this special fundraising initiative. For instance, if you make a $100 a year commitment, each year $150 will be moved to the fund of your choice. Briefly, here are the four funds dedicated to the core future of what we are:

Edward F. Kook Endowment Fund - supporting research grants and fellowships.

International Activities Fund - supporting a wide range of international activities. New gifts will enhance the programs and projects sustained by this fund such as individual grants and Institute activities as well as the Prague Quadrennial.

Student Activities Program in the New Century Fund - supporting long-range and immediate student goals. All gifts generated by the 50th Anniversary campaign will build this fund's principal.

The USITT Fund - building long-term, permanently restricted funds in order to earn income to support future USITT projects. The USITT Fund has been established by gifts specifically recognizing the Institute's 50th Anniversary.

This five-year matching program will be capped at $200,000 in gifts. The letter of intention and first year's donation must be received no later than June 30, 2006. Each fund is part of the USITT Investment package and overseen by the Finance Committee and the Board of Director's policies.

Join me and make your donation today to help secure the future of our professional organization, USITT.

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