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Winners of World Stage Design gold medals, from left, Jorge Ballina, Maria Raya Mejia, and Philippe Armand will be part of the USITT 2006 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. It may also be possible to arrange for additional presentations by these and other international guests.

Photo/Tom Thatcher


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The International Committee of USITT announced it has secured the agreement of all three of the Gold Award winners for World Stage Design to attend and make presentations at the 2006 Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville.

All three designers - Philippe Amand, Jorge Ballina, and Maria Raya Mejia - are from Mexico and some or all are willing to travel to other locations before or after the conference. The Scene Design Commission has invited Hakan Dundar from Turkey to present on Design and Theatre in Turkey, and it may be possible to arrange for his visit to be extended.

Any school interested in hosting any of the international guests can contact Treva Reimer (, and she will discuss the financial obligation and work necessary to make the arrangements. In general, each school would need to make (and pay for) housing arrangements, some travel costs, and an honorarium.

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