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Ways to Help after Hurricanes

With the devastation occurring in New Orleans, Texas, and throughout the Gulf Coast, the question of how USITT and its members can help has been vitally important. As President John Uthoff said in a message posted on the web site, donations to any general relief organization will help the immediate need.

Going forward, we also encourage members to consider the efforts being coordinated by SETC at SETC also lists additional efforts on their main webpage,

One uniquely theatrical way to collect funds is suggested by Mike Murphy of Marshall Univerersity. "We (Marshall) have a box of rigging sandbags that we’ll probably never use in our theatre. I took some to the SETC board meeting and gave them away to theatres which can use them when collecting donations for Katrina relief. It’s a gimmick that links theatre sandbags with levee sandbags. Many theatres have them lying about with no real purpose anymore. Until now.

"If a theatre wants a sandbag and doesn’t have one, I may be able to help out," he concluded. Mr. Murphy can be reached at

And for those with equipment, Bruce Cooper of LED Worklight Systems is collecting information at

Those who wish to become part of the National Emergency Resource Registry can visit

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Checking in with Peggy Rosefeldt

We have heard from some of our members in the area hit by hurricanes. Peggy Rosefeldt, an associate editor of TD&T reports that she is safe in Baton Rouge, and receiving mail, although e-mail communication is limited. A tip for those sending mail into the area: apparently only first class mail is being forwarded, and that process can take some time.

While both Tulane and Loyola universities, among others, are closed for the fall semester, many USITT member institutions have been offering assistance to displaced students.

For student members attending southern colleges closed by the hurricane, financial assistance may be available at

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Honors Continue for Eric Fielding

Congratulations to Eric Fielding who received the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology's Honorary Membership for his work in "bringing to life World Stage Design 2005." The award was made during CITT's Rendez-vous 2005 and was presented by Julian Sleath from the Canadian Opera Company.

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New Position for Greg Horton

Those looking for Greg Horton can find him in Greensboro, North Carolina. Mr. Horton, a member of USITT's Board of Directors, is now associate profession of theatre and resident costume designer at North Carolina A&T State University, a NAST-accredited program.

Mr. Horton reports that he is glad to be "back home" and closer to family. We wish him well in his new assignment.

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